FMF – Small

This post is part of Five Minute Friday, where we write for five minutes with no editing.

And GO:

Germs are so small and cause such a fuss.  It started with a small sore throat.  Then a small stuffy nose.  Now I have a small cough, and a small cold and a small headache.

How do small germs cause such a BIG problem?  And now I’m sleepy and could use a small nap.  Which usually turns into a long nap.

My posts today and yesterday have been small and short, but that’s okay.  I guess I needed the time to decompress from our “small” trip.  I like traveling to see family, but I don’t actually like the trip part.  12 hours in the car gets to be really long and hard on my hips. 

I can’t think of anything else to write.  This “small” cold has got me all bumfuzzled and short on words. 

One minute left to write.  Short and sweet and small and, I wonder how many words I can fit into one small minute?  I wonder what the first word in the dictionary is.  I wonder what the last word is.



P.S.  To the person who comes to visit from FMF, don’t worry about leaving a comment.  I know I’m kind of scatterbrained today.  lol