Falling in love with the world next door.

I have always wanted to be a missionary.  I wanted to travel to Nigeria, to India, to China.  I wanted to join Avanti Italia.  I wanted to spread the word of God to all the nations. 

But I’m getting older.  The opportunities to serve in a foreign mission field are getting fewer and farther between. 

And I’ve been feeling a bit worried.  Did I miss my chance?  Am I ever going to be able to serve God in a grand and major way?  Am I too old to be of much use?

Enter Lisa-Jo Baker

I’ve only recently started reading her blog, but I am so very thankful I have.  Not only does she host Five Minute Fridays, she is constantly posting encouraging words such as this.  When you wonder if you’re qualified for ministry.  Take a minute and go read it.  I’ll wait here.

Did you read it?  I mean, really read it?

I think my definition of mission field has changed just a little bit.  I think my idea of how to be a missionary has changed just a little bit. 

Is it possible that I have been in the greatest mission field all along?  Is it possible that I have been a missionary without even realizing it? 

I will admit here and now that being a mother has been the greatest adventure I’ve ever been on.  It’s full of ups and downs and thrills and fears and laughter and scares and tears and giggles and lots of hugs.  Being a mom is tough.

And I’m learning through Lisa-Jo, through Kristen and Mercy House, that motherhood looks the same no matter what part of the world you live in.

We all want to make sure our children are fed, that they are healthy, that they have clean clothes to wear.  We all want them to know the love of God.

Meet Edith. Tell her story @mercyhousekenya #spreadthelove

Taking the time to love my children, taking the time to kiss their boo-boos, taking the time to give them a band-aid (needed or not), taking the time to teach them, that has been my ministry.

And maybe, just maybe, I can use the power of the internet to be a different sort of missionary.

I have been asked to invite you to be a missionary, as well.  To be a part of a crazy flash mob of Valentine’s love.  To share God’s love with the mothers and the children of South Africa. 

Even from the other side of the world.

Lisa-Jo has come up with an idea.  A big bold brave game changing plan.  We’re going to build a community center.  And we’re going to raise the funds by Mother’s Day.  We’re mothers, and grandmothers, and aunts, and future mothers, and daughters, and we’re going to help God change the world for the mothers of Maubane, South Africa.

We have the opportunity to help build this community center, a place for children to play before and after school, a place for mothers to take some classes, a place for a church, and a place for a vegetable garden.  We have the opportunity to practice love, to practice being a mother to the orphaned.

Now, we’re not going to do it all at once, unless the Lord moves in a mighty way, and He very well could.  We’re going to do it in stages.

Stage one is a vegetable garden.  We’re going to help them build a place to raise vegetables. We’re going to try to bless them with food security.  Can you imagine how that would feel as a mom?  To know that your child won’t go hungry?


We’re going to stand with them in prayer and faith that this will happen.

And maybe, just maybe, we can fall in love with the world next door.

Matthew 18:5 
And whoever welcomes one such child in my name 
welcomes me. 
P.S.  Oh yeah.  If you like jewelry, here’s another way you can support this dream.  Krafty Kash is offering 3 unique necklaces, and half of the proceeds… 50% is going to the community center!  Amazing!

**Disclaimer:  This post is being linked to FMF even though it took a week to write because I have been #SurprisedByMotherhood.  Please make sure you go and check it out, because it’s an awesome tool that has helped me start writing again.**