Five Minute Friday – Write

Write even when you’re scared.  Lisa-Jo must have been in my high school English class.  The teacher used green ink instead of red.  Every assignment I would get back it seemed like it was covered in green ink.  I don’t think Mrs. V ever really understood my writing.  And I have been a bit scared to put myself, my thoughts, my words out there again.  It’s me.  It can be my innermost thoughts, or just being wildly silly.  But it’s me.  And it hurts when someone criticizes me. 

I have often thought that the story of my uncle’s death could make a good spy novel.  I’ve been told I should write it myself instead of selling the idea.  There’s so much we don’t know, that we can only guess at.  Could I put myself out there?  Could I dredge up old hurts, old pains, old memories?  Would it be fair?

Writing is again becoming a part of my life.  Five Minute Friday has a lot to do with that.  The Made to Crave Bible study is another part of it.  This blog is my blog, my writing, my online journal, if you will.  I don’t write everything I ever think of.  I don’t write to please others.  I only write for me.


This post is a part of Five Minute Fridays, where you write for 5 minutes without editing.  Today’s prompt was WRITE.