Can I be obedient?

Today’s blog hop with the Made to Crave bible study is a tough one for me.  I can write about #peace (which I’m still learning to find), or I can unpack Isaiah 45:3 (but I’m stuck on treasures in dark places).  I could talk about my crazy modes, but I’m still struggling with that whole #peace issue.  How can I tell you I’m crazy? 

That leaves obedience.  Yesterday, I wrote that I had made the decision to walk away from my coffee pot because I believed God was asking it of me.  That lasted until about 10:30.  When I had dropped something for the 3rd time, when I was falling asleep at the table, when I couldn’t focus, something had to change.  I still believe he asks me to be obedient and my goal is to stop drinking coffee entirely. 

But I’m going to have to step it down a little bit at a time.  Instead of 3 tablespoons of sugar, how about 2 and a half?  Instead of 3 tablespoons of half and half, how about 2 and a half? 

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, it’s not like I’m drinking 2 pots a day like a certain friend in college. (Hi Andy.)  I drink at most 1 cup a day.  Never 2.  I can nurse my cup of coffee all morning long.

But that’s not the point.  The point is that I believe God asked me to walk away from it.  So now, I have to figure out how I’m going to be obedient to him.

Maybe I should examine how I’m obedient in a different area.

We’re on week 3 of this study.  At the end of week 1, we were running errands.  You know the kind of day where you leave your house at 10 and don’t get back until 2 or 3?  And of course, we had to stop and have some lunch, which meant fast food.  And whoever orders just the sandwich?  Of course, if we’re stopping to eat at a fast food joint, I’m going to order the whole combo meal. 

Which included a coke.  (A pop, a soda, a fizzy carbonated beverage.)

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem.  That day, I was mad.  I wanted my coke.  I NEEDED my coke.  I was mad at my husband (different story), and I was getting “h-angry.”  I mean, why couldn’t I have it?

So I sat there, and I drank that soda even though I knew it wasn’t good for me.  Even though I had been almost a week without one.  I was ignoring that small still voice telling me “it’s not beneficial.”

I don’t remember why, but we ended up going out to dinner as well, where again, I got another coke.  And I started hearing that voice again.  And for some reason, that voice got mad at me.  Do you know what it said?

“This is an act of rebellion against God.  It may be small, but it is still rebellion.  Do you want to live in rebellion to God?”

No, I’m not kidding.  That voice was not very loud, but it was very clear.  I obeyed.  I finished my supper, and threw the almost empty cup away. 

And I haven’t had a coke since. 

Can I be obedient?  Yes.  I was, and am firmly obedient in the case of the soda pop.  But I’m struggling with coffee.

So I have some questions for you.  1) Have you ever had to give up something like coffee?  2) How do you do it without getting a major headache?  3) How do you walk in obedience to God?  4) Will you pray for me to be in complete agreement with God on this?  I could use the extra support.