Five Minute Friday: See

This post is my participation in Five Minute Fridays, where we write for 5 minutes without editing. 

Ready, set, go:   Or sit and wait while the dog needs to go outside… Oh the joys of having 2 dogs.  (Insert sarcasm here.)

Okay, back at it now.  Dog is in, dishes in dishwasher, groceries put away…
And start…

See?  I really can’t think of anything for the word see.  I can’t see.  I’m as blind as a bat without my glasses, and have been most of my life.  It’s one of my earlier memories.

There’s SEE that Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife found after the death of their child, Maria.  They chose to see that she was in Heaven.

I really can’t think of what I should see in this post.  A time, a place, a purpose?  How do you see?  Do you see with just your eyes? 

My favorite color is sunset pink.  That particular shade that’s part pink, part orange, part yellow.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  I love to see that color.  It’s almost as if God chooses to bless me with that little bit of happiness when I see it. 

Am I too often blind to the needs of the others in my life?  How do I see more of them and less of me?  How do I see only God in any and all circumstances?  Is there a way to see that is better than the limited worldly vision I have?

I see the end approaching.  Next time, I’m going to have to put my timer out of sight so I don’t watch it.

And Stop.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: See

  1. I love this. My timer is not my friend on these, I go over every time. And if I feel lost, I skip it. I shouldn't as your post made me smile. 🙂 My post was scattered, but mainly on how my little one sees things different from me.


  2. Oh, that dreaded timer! It can be maddening especially with a prompt like this one which I think you did very well on. Thank you for visiting me at Renaissance Women for FMF and for your very sweet comment. Prayer is something I covet at all times and I never turn it down!

    God bless you and have a great weekend.

    ~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women


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