It’s Time for a Change, Pt. 2

I’ve been doing some thinking on how exactly this is going to work.  I know that I have always done better with some sort of accountability.  I guess the question I have is how can I be accountable to just myself.

A year (plus?) ago, a friend started a game of sorts called “Girls Getting Fit.”  It was a point system, where we got points for eating fruits and veggies, exercising, drinking water, tracking our food intake, not going over our calorie limit.  Healthy habits.

That was fun, but there’s no one to really compete with me.  Other than me.  Maybe I could have a race with myself.  If I get a certain number of points by a certain date, then I ….

I know one thing for certain.  It’s going to be a struggle to get to the community center every day.  Once it gets cold, Dale stops riding his bike so much, and I lose my mobility.  Of course, that’s one of the reasons I’m going.  In order to gain mobility to ride my bike to more locations.

I’m hoping to start using the cargo rack this spring.  I’m thinking that I can go do a modest amount of grocery shopping by bike.

So eat less move more.  I guess I need to come up with a training plan, and a moderate “diet” plan.

Have I told you how I detest the word “diet?”  It seems like diets are things you start and stop and start and stop, and it never ends.  I don’t want to “diet.”  I want to change my habits.  I want to eat healthier and exercise more and live longer.

Maybe setting a goal will help.  I have a few goals.  I understand that I will probably never ever be 150 pounds.  I’m not aiming for that.  I’m aiming for healthy.  I need to get to 200 first.  Then maybe I can look at 175.

But a different goal I have is to ride the Katy Trail from end to end.  And that’s going to be something different.  I’m going to need endurance for that.  I’m going to have to be able to ride 40-50 miles a day for a week.

And I would like to run the Plaza 10K in 2014.  I really wanted to do it this year, but shin splints hurt.

I’m not sure where I need to start, but I know I have to change.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  Interest in joining me?



2 thoughts on “It’s Time for a Change, Pt. 2

  1. Hi Melinda! Have you looked into virtual racing? You are doing it on your own, so you aren't really competing with anybody. I find that it holds me accountable to my goal plus you get rewarded with a shiny medal. You can start out small and do a 5k, you can evenwalk it if you want. Some of the challenges give you mutiple days to complete your distance. There are even bike races you can do as well. You might want to check out US Road Runners and Muffins to Marathons. Hope that helps!


  2. Hi, Welcome to my blog. Yes, I've thought about it. I actually have a thought about a new resolution. 12 races in 12 months. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into them! 😀

    And I'm sorry about my rambling crazy train of thought.

    Again, thanks for stopping by! 😀



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