Halloween Party

Boo is a teenager now.  With all kinds of teenage problems.  Part of the problem is that she’s homeschooled and that the youth group at our church is mostly public school kids and sort of small. 

Of course, I say that because my youth group was 100+.  This group has around 15.  Maybe.
So Dale and I came up with a sort of plan to help.  We decided to have a Halloween party. 
Of course that meant that we had to clean the house.  I mean a really deep clean.  I joked that we were spring cleaning either 6 months early or 6 months late.  We spent a week and a half working on every room in the house (minus the basement and the garage). 
Then we decorated.

We made monster fingers.

And made witches hats and sugar cookie bones.

 I liked the decorations on my kitchen window sill.  Eyeballs, a blackbird, a pumpkin, and….

 …. our potion jars.  We had body parts, spiders, a snake, and “frozen bubbles.”

 We made a crepe paper spider,

 and decorated the piano.  (The lamp has a black light bulb in it.)

 We set out Boo’s potion bottles and her bloody candle.

 There were spider webs galore.

 This is just a few of the treats we made.

 And Jack O’ Lantern pizza of course.

 We served Black Punch with shark fin ice,

 and mummy dogs!  These were different than “normal” because they had arms and legs.

And we played the mummy game.  They worked in teams of two to come up with the best mummy.  This is a variation of the “wedding dress” game that we played at one of my bridal showers, which I’ve also used for a snowman game.  It’s very versatile.  😀
While we didn’t get a lot of friends from the youth group, we did have a good time.  The added bonus is that my house is now clean, and we’ve been following FlyLady‘s routines so that it is also staying clean.
We love having people over and we had a grand time.
Until next time,