Homeschool progress

It was pointed out to me the other day, that I am supposed to be keeping a journal of sorts to document the progress that the children are making in our homeschool efforts.  While I am going to still keep up a certain level of anonymity, I am going to try to start making regular blog entries along those lines.  Little Bit is still the youngest.  Boo is still the oldest.

My mother in law came for a visit about a week and a half ago.  She and her new honey weren’t here for very long.  We went to the Truman Presidential Library because even though we’ve lived in the area for about 7 years, we have never been.

Later that night, I asked Little Bit to read Nonnie.  I thought she was going to choose an easy to read book.  She did.  Sort of.  The book she read was actually an easy to read chapter book.  She read out loud to Nonnie for about 15 minutes.

And she’s been reading verses out loud during Bible time.  Words like “therefore” and “judgment” and “Israel.”. (We’re currently in the book of Judges.)

This child, the one I struggled and fought tooth and nail to get to read, the one who still really doesn’t like “reading and phonics,” is becoming a reader.  She loves going to the library, and she loves checking out chapter books.  I am amazed at how well she has improved in 6 months. 

Of course, part of it is that I stopped pushing certain books, and started letting her pick books she thought she would enjoy.  It really makes a difference.

So that’s Little Bit’s progress.

Boo’s progress is a bit harder to gauge.  Is she improving?  Yes.  She constantly writes and reads.  Her history is a freshman level history book.  She is able to converse with her daddy and myself on a more intellectual basis.

But math is still sort of a sore subject. 

She uses Teaching Textbooks.  She’s on grade 7.  And she’s a “freshman.”

In all honesty, math is probably one of the biggest reasons I wanted to pull her out of public school.  Her 3rd grade year, she had 3 different teachers within about a 3 month period.  That’s when they learned multiplication.  It was never cemented in her mind, so I still see the struggle even 6 years later.  And it seemed like none of her teachers wanted to work with her.

So we pulled her out and started working with her ourselves.

Dale has started practicing basics with her.  Just trying to do math drills and improve her speed on the basics. 

This is where the benefits of homeschooling comes into play.  I can tell you that Little Bit is strong in math, and Boo is strong in reading.  If Boo never takes calculus or trigonometry, that’s alright.  Little Bit does have to learn how to read, though.  But my efforts are going to focus on reading for information as opposed to reading simply for enjoyment. 

So that’s our progress this year.  I hope to have more updates, ideally once a week, but practically, once a month.  Have a good day.