Well that was odd. 

My Little Bit, my joy, my laughter, just had a meltdown.  An honest to goodness meltdown.

Over creative writing. 

If you go over here, I talk a little bit about how we’ve been approaching our creative writing this year.  Today’s prompt was to tell the story of Halloween from the point of view of a piece of candy.  Little Bit got confused, and told me about her favorite type of candy.

I’m trying to be more… well, strict is not the word, but more regulated on school work.  While homeschool is great at adapting and identifying problems as they occur, I don’t want to be so lax that I just give them a passing grade no matter what. 

So, I asked her to do it again, correctly and using the prompt.

She broke down.  Great big fat tears. 

So I’m back at the drawing board on my plans for today.  This seems to have been a pattern this week, where she freaks out if she thinks the work is too difficult for her.  I guess my job as her mother and her teacher is to determine if it is too hard, if it’s just her learning style, if it’s the almost 2 week break, just what is it that caused her to break down.

I’m going to go do some research on 2nd grade writing skills while she takes a nap.

Or maybe I’ll go take a nap.