Movie day

One of the things we are trying to do differently this year is to have 3 weeks of school and one week of rest.  Today is the start of our first week “off.”

We’re having a movie day. 

We’ve watched Rapunzel, and Despicable Me, and Veggie Tales.  Now we’re on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

By the way, have I told you how much I love audiobooks?

We discovered a while back that Little Bit will actually stop talking in the car if we are listening to an audiobook.  We’ve listened to so many of them, including the Harry Potter series.

In fact, we had just finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last week. 

Dale and I had agreed that Little Bit could watch the movie as long as 1) she had listened to the book and 2) one of us was watching with her.

She’s already brought up several things that were different from the book.

Which begs a question:  Can I count movie day as school?