I have a headache

Let’s get this straight. I love Coca-Cola.

But I’ve known for a while it’s not good for me.
I’ve tried to change my ways. It started when I joined Weight Watchers. I tried drinking Coke Zero. Unfortunately, aftera year  the aspartame got to me. I knew I was in trouble when I started waking up with headaches. And when no ibuprofen  with take care of them. So I tried to limit my soda intake. 
One way I thought about dealing with the headaches, the horrible caffeine withdrawal headaches, maybe I should start drinking coffee! I never have more than one cup of coffee in a day, right? Surely that wouldn’t be a problem, right? 

So why am I getting a caffeine withdrawal headache tonight after having a cup of coffee this morning? 
I decided to turn to my friend, Google. I asked the question “what has the most caffeine?” I discovered this table.  
An 8 ounce cup of coffee has 145 mg of caffeine. A 12 ounce cup? 34. 
So the question becomes am I trying to avoid caffeine or sugar? If caffeine, then I need to go back to drinking Coke. If sugar, then I’m going to continue drinking coffee. 
What would you do? 

Days without soda: 0
Bike miles: 16.04
Running miles: 15

48 days left til race day!

P.S.  I’m taking at least 2 days off of running in order to ease my shin splints.  I have a wonderful husband who allowed me to purchase some new shoes.  Hopefully that will help, but otherwise, I’m resting.