Okay, first off, I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  I didn’t run.  My bed was so comfortable, I just didn’t want to get up.

Today, however was a different story.  I needed to get up and run.  My legs needed it.

I had downloaded the Nike+ app for my phone, because the group I’m part of on Facebook, everyone was adding each other as friends.  I wanted to use that app more than anything.  So, when I woke up around 5:15 and realized I wasn’t going back to sleep, I got up, and got ready.

Oddly, I beat Dale out of the house this morning.

I tried a new route today, as well.  Running around the block is okay, but it’s kind of boring after a while, and it doesn’t develop the right muscles all the time.  I’m sure I’ll still do it, but I’m going to try to start adding distance.

My original idea for this route was right at a mile to and from the house.  Then I added this little section, and made it just a bit over 2 miles.  While I was out running today, I thought, “what if instead of turning here, I kept going this way?”  And I ended up at just almost 3 miles.

I’m sorry, I just realized I’m rambling.  On to the ouch.

I thought I had stretched well.  I wasn’t hurting very badly this morning before I started.  I really thought I had stretched.  I ran almost a whole half mile.

Then the pain started.  Shin splints.  Painful shin splints.

If anyone can give me a great stretch for shin splints, I would love to hear it.  About the only thing I have found is lifting my knee at a 90 degree angle and rotating my foot.  It HURTS.

But I needed to keep running.  After all, I’ve got a race in 51 days.

So, I decided to walk for 10 seconds.  And then run for 10 seconds.  And then walk again.  On and on until I got through the run.

Granted, my legs don’t hurt as bad now, but they are still painful.

But a new route, a new app, a new pain technique were all on the menu today.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  Happy running!

Days without soda: 4
Bike miles: 16.04
Running miles: 11.51

51 days left til race day!