Personal Best

I had a good run this morning.  I was up and ready to go (after hitting the snooze button only once), I had a good warm-up lap, and stretched really well.  Then I took off.

I actually felt like a runner today.  I didn’t have little bitty strides, but nice long ones.  I was going faster than normal.  I actually ran up the hill instead of walking up it.

And I got my fastest mile yet.  13:12!

And I started thinking about something.  I’m a really competitive person, but I’m learning to only compete against myself.  I got my fastest mile today.  Thursday, I can try for 13 minutes flat.  There’s really no stopping how much I can compete against myself, because I can only continually improve.  The only time I could stop is maybe if I went to the Olympics, and since that probably won’t happen, I’ll be able to keep working and improving.

So, all that to state, my competition is myself.

And myself did good today.  : D


Days without soda: 1
Bike miles: 16.04
Running miles: 8.56

54 days left til race day!