I am a food addict.

I am a food addict.

I have been for most of my life. But this is something I’ve only come to realize lately. If I’m bored, I turn to chips and snacks. If I’m stressed, I turn to chocolate or caramel. If I want celebrate, I look for cookies, cake or ice cream. Food has been a way for me to deal with all of these crazy mixed up emotions.

I don’t know all the whys or whatnots of WHY I’m a food addict. I’m not even sure it’s necessary for my “recovery” process. What I do know is that food has an unhealthy grip on me, and I want to change it.

Will you walk with me on this journey? If the 10 people who read this blog decided to stick around and support me and each other, that would be fantastic.

As inspiration to leave the food addiction behind, I’m posting my dinner tonight. Yes, this really was my dinner, along with the fruit dip, the other chips, the pizza, and the cookies.

Tomorrow will be hard, but tomorrow is a brand new day.



2 thoughts on “I am a food addict.

  1. Is that really cheese and bacon on plain chips? It may be having the wrong effect, I really wanna try it. Can't believe I never thought of it. I'm much better at motivating myaelf to move more than eat less. However, my ninja blender has been helping me short-circuit my habits. Fruit & veggie smoothies are very yummy and very filling. I can't eat as much of the chips & cheese if I have a strawberry smoothie first. Good luck, I am right with you on this.


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