Elf on the Shelf

Why yes, we did follow the current trend and get an Elf on the Shelf.  We actually got one last year.  Her name is Crystal, and boy did she cause some trouble this year!

Hmm…  My pictures are out of order.

Tape and crepe paper.  What could go wrong?

Well, that, for starters.  This is the door to the upstairs, which is also Little Bit’s room.

Shh!  Don’t tell, but Crystal had a helper.

We had so much fun trapping playing.

The next morning, I was laying in bed and heard a whisper, “Oh Crystal, what did you do?” and “Mommy, Crystal trapped me!”

Apparently, elves like to drink syrup.

Then there was the time she left us with some magic elf seeds.  She’s hanging out here, because the bowl with the seeds is underneath her.

Just look what magic elf seeds can sprout!

 This is what I mean by out of order.  These next few pictures are from her very first day back.  She brought breakfast!

The bag says “Look what I found.  Snow covered donuts!  My favorite.  Yummy.”

The note on the bowl says “Hi Girl and Boo!  I’m back.  Always be good, cause I’ll be watching.  Love, Crystal.”

Apparently, she loves snow covered donuts so much, she gets them on her face.

Little Bit was absolutely ecstatic to have hot chocolate for breakfast.
I’m working on editing one more picture.  But for now, that’s our Elf on the Shelf.  Hope you enjoyed.  

P.S.  Found one more!  If you have an Elf, you will more than likely have “Snow Elfs” in your flour at some point.