Christmas Waffles

So at some point before Christmas, I stumbled across this pin (leads to this post) staring Christmas Waffles. It’s one of those, “I can do that!”
So I did.  🙂
The aluminum foil under the waffle maker catches the drips when I have them.  To color the waffles, just add food coloring.

They came out such a pretty color, didn’t they?

You can’t forget the stars for the top of trees!  Also known as banana slices cut like stars.

I didn’t have any blueberries or anything else that was healthy, so I let the kids splurge on white chocolate chips and Tootsie Roll Dots.

This one is Boo’s (I think.)

This one is Little Bit’s.

This one is mine!  Yummy!

Of course, Dale didn’t want to play along.  He simply had green waffles.
It was a very fun Christmas breakfast.