Bike information

Back in … let’s say June, I was researching stretches appropriate for bike riders.  I came across this website called Loving the Bike.  This website is LOADED with good information for bikers.  One of the recent posts was about Brite Buds from Far End Gear.  They are simply earbuds that are reflective.  Why is this important?  1) Because I ride in the mornings, and I feel I need the safety of the reflective gear.  2) Because I love my music, and I love riding to music.

So, I signed up and left my comment, just like everyone else, not expecting anything.  Imagine my surprise when I signed into Twitter this morning and Darryl says, “go look and see if you won,” and when I hop over there, I’ve actually won!?  It’s so exciting, and cool.

The other cool part of Loving the Bike is #bikeschool.  It’s a chat on Twitter every Thursday night, where we get together, and talk bikes.  It’s fun to talk with other cyclists and to get all sorts of input.  I’ve really enjoyed it.

If you are interested in riding, this is a good blog to be involved with.  I’ve learned a lot.

Thanks Darryl and thanks Far End Gear for my new earbuds.  I’m sure I’ll LOVE them.