School Days

So the overwhelming response to my little informal poll, was yes please.  Or in other words, a little bit of everything.  Specifically, more about homeschooling, more about Pinterest, and more about my bike riding.

Let me start with school first, cause we just finished for the day, and it’s fresh in my mind (more or less).

Sweet Pea is using a curriculum called Sonlight.  It’s a reading based program, and if you know Sweet Pea, you know she loves books.  It’s been a perfect fit for her.  She also uses something called Teaching Textbooks for math, and I really like the program.  It explains the problem, has her do a problem, and if she gets it incorrect, explains the problem again.  It’s really neat.

Little Bit has been using Horizons for math, reading, and phonics.  I don’t know what I should say about it.  It’s both easier than I anticipated, and yet harder.  I’m having trouble liking this curriculum, but we’re in the middle of it, so I guess we’ll finish it.  I have estimated that by the time she is through with the “Kindergarten” level of books, she will be ready for 2nd grade.

The really interesting thing that we’ve been doing this year, is Expedition Earth from Confessions from a Homeschooler.  It’s basically a geography overview of several of the major countries on Earth.  It’s not real in-depth.  I don’t recommend it for Sweet Pea’s age (13), but it has been a lot of fun for Little Bit and me to complete together.  She gets a “stamp” in her “passport” every time we start learning about a different country.  We do some reading, some history, some geography, some arts and crafts.  It’s all over fun.

This week has been Russia.  Today, we made a matryoshka doll card, and we have a pirog (Russian apple pie) in the oven.  It really has been a very fun study.
Homeschooling is like everything else.  We have our good days and our bad days.  Today… today has been a good day.

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