I made it.

So many times on Pinterest, I come across something and say, “I can make that.”  Today, I did.

The pin is this one for personalized clamps for school use.  When you follow the link, it goes to this page.  The first thing I noticed was, “18 clamps for $15?”  I can make it for less than that.  And I don’t need all of the ones that they have listed there.

So running errands today, I picked up a box of 24 clamps for $5. Half an hour later…..

Ta-Da!  I’m done!

I love Pinterest.  It makes me more creative.  😀



One thought on “I made it.

  1. Brilliant! I LOVE binder clips, and this will make them even more useful. Thanks for sharing your blog link on bikeschool! -Norskiewa


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