Busy Day

Today was a busy, but really good day. In case you didn’t know, today is our 15th wedding anniversary. 15 years married to this guy, this wonderful, quirky guy who loves to make me laugh, and just overall loves me.

But I digress from the point of my post. (If I have one. I’m not really sure.)
We had Science Class this morning with our friends, and then we went to the business expo offered by our local chamber of commerce. Last year, I was a bit naive as to what to do. This year, I made Sweet Pea actually talk to and ask questions of the businesses that were represented. I feel like we both learned a lot.
For example, I now want LED light bulbs, and we may be researching certain credit unions for refinancing options. I also bought a jar of jam and apple butter, and the best coffee cake I’ve ever had.
We also met Jacob Turk. He is running for a seat in the US Congress, and I believe that he is the right man for the job. It appears we will be joining his campaign in some form this year, even if it is just to hang flyers on doorknobs.
My brain is refusing to work anymore. Sleep well my friends.
I love you Dale Hollis. 15 down, and only 85 more to go! 😀