WoF Part 5, the end

I’m almost through talking about the Women of Faith Conference. I really enjoyed my time. I enjoyed worshiping God in a way that was freeing.

Patsy Clairmont got to speak again, because Marilyn Meberg was ill that weekend. Previously she had told about her struggles with agoraphobia, and how God helped her through that. This time, she told about when her son had gotten sick with the bird flu and was in a coma for 21 days. She really struggled.
Funny note: she was wearing a scarf and she called it a “parking garage for chins.”
But back to her topic. We don’t help suffering people by giving them simple answers that don’t help. Tell them you don’t understand and say you’re sorry. She gave us 4 ways to help people: 1) Prayer matters, 2) People matter, 3) change can be good, and 4) we need each other.
She said, don’t underestimate what God has given you to do. She told the story of the cleaning lady who was singing “Jesus,” and how that helped her so very much. She also said that change can be good, even if it’s not in a package you expect. Her son had been in a coma for 19 days, and on day 20, he had gotten a new doctor who changed some medicines, and she did not like it. But on day 21, her son woke up.
We had another drama presentation by Deborah Joy. She reminded me that my children, my home is the great cathedral I am building. People may never know who I am, but if my children are godly and lead others to Christ, then that’s all that matters.
One of the last things that we did was each speaker got to give a nugget of information, a reminder of something that they had said to us that they wanted us to remember.
Brenda Warner said, “remember Zach who should not have lived. Slow down. Love them without sight. We need each other. Life is hard, but be flexible.”
Sandi Patty said, “Look from a different perspective. God isn’t saying no to your dreams. He may be saying yes to a dream you can’t see yet.”
Patsy Clairmont said, “Prayer matters, people matter, change can be good, we need each other. Never give up.”
And Mandisa reminded us that we have a wonderful freedom in Christ.
And that was it. That was the end of the conference. It was a good time for my soul and my heart, and I will be forever thankful that I had the opportunity to go.