WoF Part 4

Okay, so I’m up to Saturday morning of the Women of Faith Conference… I think. LOL I probably should have done this a little bit quicker than I have been. But I’m still digesting it.

We started off the day listening to Lisa Whelchel. She talked about friendship, and how she learned about being friends with people. Two things she said is that there is a difference between being transparent and being vulnerable, and that the time of connection is better than the rejection.
Also, you need to be a friend, but without expectations or limits. Be grateful for who that person is. Pay attention to how people talk to you about others, because that’s probably how they talk about you. Run from those who look perfect, because they will place their standard of perfection on you. And look for those who have stumbled, because they know the grace of God.
A real friend is an imperfect person. They are sort of like Velcro – loopy, collecting lint, but holds on. True friends ARE the body of Christ.
Next we heard from Brenda Warner. Being in a household that doesn’t watch too much football, I was not familiar with her. But after having listened to her, I do admire her and would listen to her again.
She reminded us that honor, courage, and integrity are what you do when no one is watching. Our circumstances don’t determine who we are; God does. And you can choose to have faith. Worship God no matter what!
Sandi Patty was next. I was having trouble staying awake, so I didn’t take as many notes as I did with the others. The really funny thing was when she “sang” her musical background. She also said, you don’t want to “loose” weight, because you don’t want to find it again. Release it instead. 😀 Change can be difficult but good.
I think I’m going to stop here for now. I will post the rest tomorrow.