WoF Part 3

After I ran home for supper to let Nana out, we had a drama presentation by Deborah Joy Winans. She was absolutely hilarious! Her very first skit was about the many hats that we wear as women. Manager, coach, psychologist, chef, accountant, lover, mom, wife, and in the case of the homeschool parent… teacher. Funny quote: “we don’t talk TO ourselves – we talk AMONG ourselves.”

Next was another talk by Andy Andrews. Did you know that you can sing the words of Amazing Grace to the tune of Ghost Riders in the Sky, House of the Rising Sun, and Gilligan’s Island?
But the most amazing story was the one he told of Joshua Chamberlain at the battle of Gettysburg. According to his interpretation of history, if Mr. Chamberlain had not held and won his part of the line, then the South would have won not only Gettysburg, but also won the Civil War. Mr. Andrews told us this story in order to remind us that what you do matters. It is something called the Butterfly Effect.
Next was a real treat. We had a concert by Mandisa. I had heard her on the radio on K-Love, but had not been too impressed. This concert changed my opinion. She talked about Psalm 34:1 that says, “I will praise the Lord at ALL times.” I was so impressed with how she just worships her heart out.
Two songs that I had never heard that I will forever love: Lifeline and Broken Hallelujah. It made me realize that I don’t have to wait until I feel right with God in order to praise Him; He wants me to come NOW. He wants me to give Him all I have NOW, no matter what that is. Even if it’s a broken hallelujah.
That brings me to the end of day 1. That was so much in and of itself. The day was SO full. And my heart is so full. Plus, it was late, and I needed to get home to my children.
Until the next day,