More WoF Pictures

This was the worship team after supper. Mandisa joined them.

These girls are truly talented. And they know how to have fun when they worship God.
Mandisa has such a powerful voice.

There was also a time that we were introduced to “The Porch.” Sandi Patty took some time and talked to all of the speakers and let us get to know a little bit about them. That’s Sandi on the stairs.
This is when she was talking to Lisa Whelchel. She was Blair on the Facts of Life sitcom in the 80s. It was really fun getting to know a bit more about “Lisa,” and not “Blair.” I’m also reading her book called Friendship for Grownups. I highly recommend it.
Another blurry picture of Mandisa. I regretted leaving my camera at home more than once, but I’m still thankful for my iPhone.
I’m not certain but I think this is when she was introducing Lifeline. It really is a beautiful song.
And that’s all my pictures for Friday, Day 1 of the Women of Faith Conference!