WoF Pictures

How about some pictures? Some really blurry, not great shots from the camera on my phone, but pictures none the less? 😀

This is the view you get when you walk into the arena. BEAUTIFUL. I fell in love with it. Especially the blue color.

This is the view from my seat. The one that I didn’t get to sit in that morning. lol

Here’s another picture of that gorgeous blue center piece. At least it was blue when we entered. It does change colors. It was pretty cool from a theater geek’s perspective.
Patsy Clairmont spoke first. She may be small, but she’s packed with God’s word.
Andy Andrews spoke second. The man could NOT sit still. This is the only time he was still enough to get a good picture. lol
I’ll try to post some more tomorrow. This is just a tidbit for now. 🙂 Night.