Women of Faith Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the Women of Faith conference in Kansas City last weekend. It was 2 days of some amazing stories and wonderful worship. I took quite a few notes. I’m just trying to figure out how best to present them. Should I present each speaker one by one? Should I present the day in order? Should I present my notes as I wrote them or just give a general over all impression?

I don’t know. That’s part of the problem with depression. I can’t seem to make any decisions. Even simple ones like how to write my notes out.
(An hour later)
Patsy Clairmont was the first speaker. She gave us “homework” right off the bat. When we wake up, she says to say 1) yes to God 2) thank you with a grateful heart and 3) a holy no to people and things that distract us from God’s purpose. God calls us by name, and we need to get into the Word! However, the enemy wants us to think we are alone, even when we are not.
The most important thing she said in that first session was that God has designed us with a will that is stronger than our emotions. He didn’t give brains to our feelings. Proverbs 15:1
Andy Andrews was the next speaker. He wrote a really interesting book called The Traveler’s Gift. The first thing you realize about Mr. Andrews is that he can’t sit still. He paces just like my Little Bit. But onto his speech.
We are to seek wisdom as an adult. This is not knowledge, but wisdom. And why not choose the life you want for your family? You need to invest in yourself (or I need to invest in myself) as a mom, as a spouse, and as a worker for God. (Not necessarily in that order.) Do what you don’t like in order to get a result you do want. There is still hope — The best is yet to come! There was never a game that was over in the first half.
I’m going to stop for now. I’m fighting a cold right now. I will continue at a later time.