WoF Part 2

Patsy Clairmont spoke a second time the first day of the Women of Faith conference. I must say that she did really well. She was fighting laryngitis and she still spoke.

At this point in time, she talked about how much she loves the book of Proverbs. She said something along the lines of how God made it simple for even those of us who are hard headed to understand. I have been trying to read a chapter a day, and I think she may be right. 😀
The focus of her speech though was focused on the story of Solomon and how he asked for wisdom from God. She read 1 Kings 3:5 and then asked us, “If you could ask God for one thing, what would it be?”
She also had quite a bit to say about our speech and our tongues. Proverbs 29:11 and 29:20 She reminded us to take captive every thought. Her procedure is to 1) refuse negative thoughts, 2) replace with positive thoughts, and 3) repeat often.
She also said something that struck really close to home. Sarcasm is anger in a clown suit. If your humor is at the cost of another’s dignity, then it’s not funny. I’ve used sarcasm so many times, but I had never thought about it this way. I will need to watch my tongue even closer now.
Next was a Question and Answer period with Patsy and Andy. I don’t remember the questions, but let me give some of the responses.
1) Find what you are passionate about and figure out how it is of value to others. 2) God feeds the birds, but doesn’t throw worms in their nest. 3) Smart people have more fear. Fear is a misuse of the creative imagination that God has placed inside you. — I really love that part about the birds and the worms.
From the Q&A we went right into another session with Andy Andrews. He went on to say that worry is focusing on the wrong things, and that we should persist without exception to find a way where there is no way. He also said don’t question your vision. Get up and DO SOMETHING!
That brought to my mind several questions. What am I focusing on and what is my vision? I’m still thinking about this, and probably will be for awhile.
It was at this point that we took a break for supper, and I am going to take a break for the day. I should also post pictures. Hmm…
Have a good night. 🙂