Time flies….

Oh my goodness, I’ve been busy. Sweet Pea finished cross country running about 8 minutes a mile. Little Bit now has a Tag Reader and is learning how to read. I’ve been having fun fighting anxiety and depression, on top of being mom, teacher, cook, nutritionist, and long distance wife.

I was able to attend a Women of Faith conference this past weekend. My next post will be an attempt to get my notes and thoughts together in one place.
I honestly can’t think of anything else I need to put down. I’ve had a horrible October. We were busy beyond belief. I lost 2 friends, one because of my own actions, and one because of miss communication and a hardened heart. I have taken time to just rest. My mind and my body have needed it. As a result, school, such as it is, hasn’t been as focused as it needs to be.
But that’s okay, because I know they are still learning.
Anyway, I’m going to let this post go, so that I can write my post (or posts) about the WoF conference. Have a good day. 🙂