Muffin Tin Meals

So I’ve been reading Muffin Tin Mom’s blog for a while now. I’ve always thought the idea was really cute, but wasn’t sure if I could devote the time, or if my children would be interested in it. Or maybe more specifically, if my oldest, Sweet Pea would be interested. That wonderful preteen age…..
Since she is a preteen, I decided to ask her opinion about it. Imagine my surprise when she acted THRILLED about it. When we got to talking about our first meal, she came up with the idea of a beach theme. This first time is Sweet Pea’s. We have pretzel sticks, yogurt (with a beach umbrella), graham crackers that were supposed to be sand, yogurt raisin “rocks,” goldfish, and turkey cheese tortilla roll-ups. Oh, and provolone cheese “starfish.” 😀

The second one is Little Bit’s tin. The only difference is that I forgot about my hot dogs with Sweet Pea and made hot dog “octopuses.”

I don’t know what our second muffin tin meal will be, but I’m fairly sure the girls are looking forward to it. We already got picks and forks and cutters and ….. yeah, we’re going to have fun. 😀