Why are we at a place in this world that we don’t respect other people’s time? I am sitting here waiting on a sales person who told me he would be here at 2:00. It’s 2:45. He has not called to tell me that he would be late.

Earlier this morning, I was expecting a sales person between 9:30 and 10. The person called at 8:15 and said that he was running early, could he come buy at 8:45? It wouldn’t have been a problem except that I have a hard time getting my brain to work before 9:00 and a cup of coffee.
I know several people that if I want them at my house at 9:00, then I have to tell them to be there at 8:30 just so they might show up by 9:15. Personally, I try to arrive about 5-10 minutes early. Any earlier than that could also be considered rude.
Why do we not consider other people when we are scheduled to go somewhere? Their time is just as valuable as ours. And if you are a sales rep, then you need to consider that their time is MORE valuable than yours.
I’m sorry. I’m extremely frustrated with the lack of manners that has seemed to explode lately.

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