The preacher asked a question this past week that I had been thinking about. What area of your life does God need to touch and fix and have total control?

My immediate response was, “but I don't want to admit that!” If I admit it, then I admit I have a problem that needs fixing, which means I'm not in control. If I have something that needs to be fixed, then my life is not perfect. No. I would rather pretend that there is no problem, that everything is a-okay, that I am in control. I am happy in my denial.


That is not what being a Christian is. If we can't give God control of our lives, if we can't surrender everything to Him… No. If *I* can't surrender everything to Him, even my control, have I really surrendered anything? God wants our total dependence upon Him. The verse in Matthew says that those who are like children shall see God. It isn't their innocence. It's their dependence upon Him.

God wants every part of our lives. He wants our control, He wants the part of your life that you don't even want to admit you need help with. Are you ready? Are you ready to give Him everything? Are you ready to surrender control?

Ezekiel 37:1-ff
Matthew 18:3-4


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