February 23, 2011

I am asked “how am I doing?” quite a few times. Do you really want the answer? Really? I mean, honestly, I am doing okay all things considered. My husband is overseas, I have 2 girls that are 11 and 5, and I have a 75 lb. dog. I’m trying to homeschool my children, run the media room, and find a replacement for the pantry.
My husband, the one I love, the one I rely on, is overseas working so that we can pay off debt. He’s always been my better half. He’s calm when I’m angry. He’s rational, I’m not. When I’m scared, he calms me down. He loves me. No matter what.
I miss him.
Sweet Pea fell tonight. She slipped down about 3 or 4 steps and banged her head. I’ve got her up right now to watch her for a concussion. But this is where I need my other half. I’m worried about her. I need him here.
If you want to ask me about how I’m doing, then be prepared for me to answer honestly. I might tell you that we’re adjusting. I might tell you about how I can’t sleep at night, but still have to get up earlier. I might tell you about the stress headaches I’ve been having. I might tell you about how the girls can’t seem to get along and seem to be fussing all. the. time. I might even tell you about how I can’t even begin to watch (or read) the news, because my stomach starts twisting in knots with worry about Dale.
I really am getting tired of people asking me “How are you doing?” and not wanting to hear how I really am.
Honestly…. I’m fine.