Lazy day

February 17, 2011

Today has been a lazy day. The weather has been really warm, around 70-75 degrees. I have all the windows open. Little Bit has had a play date all afternoon. Sweet Pea and I had potato soup for lunch, watched a movie, and cleaned up the toys! Literally.
We pulled out Barbie dolls and made sure they all had clothes. We pulled out Littlest Pet Shop and Zoobles, stuffed animals, a few baby dolls, and Build-A-Bear clothes. But everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING, went into a black trash bag. 4 of them to be exact. And we’re not talking the little ones. We’re talking about the 30 gallon ones!
Sweet Pea has to finish organizing her library, and there may be a bit of organizing in the toy boxes still, but for the most part… the room is clean! 😀 I think the girls will be a lot happier.
Now, I’m just relaxing, watching Netflix, and hanging out. Today, I’m happy to be here.