The saga of the TV

Sometime around the start of last year (2010), I purchased from Wal-Mart an Emerson TV/DVD combo, fairly similar to this one. I didn’t use it too frequently. It was downstairs in the basement, because that was going to be my “workout area,” and I was going to watch TV or do exercise videos. When that didn’t work out too well, we decided to move it up to our bedroom. Keep in mind that we don’t have cable. We watched videos on it.

Roughly six months after I purchased it, the TV stopped working. It wouldn’t turn on it all. We followed all the troubleshooting in the owner’s manual, because, yes, geek that I am, I still had that. When that didn’t work, we called the customer service number in the very little print at the very back of the manual.
“No problem!” they said. “Send it in. We’ll fix it.” Okay. Well, first I should have known something would be wonky when they asked did I want the tracking number sent to me via email or snail mail, and when I chose snail mail, it got sent by email. Okay… that’s a small problem. I just had to wait a little before I could get to the UPS store to send it off.
Then I realized that we were going on vacation. I called the company on October 1 and gave them my reference number and said, “I would like to put a 10 day hold on my TV. We’re going on vacation and I don’t want it delivered while we’re gone.” I was put on hold, and then told that the department that would look at it wouldn’t be able to get to it for 10 days anyway, and not to worry.
We came home on October 11. No TV. I thought, I’ll give them a bit, because of things like shipping time and actual working on my TV time. Then I gave them another week. Still no TV.
So I called back. “Could you please tell me when I can expect my TV back?” “Oh, that ticket’s been closed, because we show it’s been delivered.”
{insert jaw dropping here} DO WHAT? According to UPS, the package was delivered on October 6 and left on the front porch. No, there was no where to “hide it.” No, the person taking care of my cat did not pick it up. No, it was not delivered to my neighbors. Personally, I think it grew legs.
The customer service at Emerson, which I think isn’t actually Emerson, but some other company, advised me to call UPS and start a trace. So I called UPS. Who told me that the company had to call to start the trace. We literally went round and round and round on who is responsible for starting this trace on this TV and who is liable for it. Over 10 phone calls to both companies. It got to the point that both Dale and I got so frustrated with over two months of phone calls that we just let it sit for awhile.
I was hoping that he would try to call again before he left, but he didn’t. In case you didn’t know, I HATE talking on the phone. While I can do a lot of the paperwork of an administrative assistant, answering the phones would just drive me insane. Reason 34 of why I’m thankful to be a stay at home mom.
But I did it. I got a very nice lady named Felicia at UPS who helped me out today. She even tried calling the customer service for me. When that didn’t work, I was able to figure out the conference calling on my phone and get them on the line.
The product, when it was working, was a very good product. I really liked the space saving design of the TV. I really liked the TV.
The customer service however….
Let’s just say I will think VERY carefully before purchasing another Emerson TV or using UPS again. But that’s just my 2 cents worth.