A chocolate kind of day

February 15, 2011

Today has been shaping up to be a chocolate kind of day. You know the kind. Where things start to go wrong from the very first. First, I did NOT want to get out of bed. That happens a lot when I stay up too late. Like now. It’s only 10:51, but my body is saying, “go to bed. Go to sleep. Get the rest you need.” I might regret staying up this late in the morning.
Maybe. Personally, I think I need to get my feelings out.
Second, Sweet Pea comes downstairs and says, “Today, I do NOT like the cat very much.” Long story short, she didn’t get nearly the amount of sleep she needs. I sent her back to bed. Oh, the joys of being homeschooled! 😀
Third, on the way to take Little Bit to preschool, somehow, I managed to catch every. single. red. light. in. town.
Fourth, when I was helping a friend, Sweet Pea called me on Skype, and we couldn’t connect very well. I was afraid she really needed me. We simply have to do something different on the phone situation. I’m not comfortable leaving her without any form of communication.
Fifth, got a note from the bank that we had overdrawn an account right before we got paid. Which wouldn’t be a big deal, but with a different account over $200 overdrawn, it was kind of a pain.
Oh, and sixth, the reason that account is overdrawn is because that one pesky customer of Propel IT STILL hasn’t sent the check. There’s this whole big mix-up about some websites, and they want Dale to fix it. Which he can’t. It’s not all his fault. But…. I digress.
And I also found out that Dale lost a family friend this weekend. He lost a battle with cancer, and kidney disease.
The good news today is that Dale has called several times. He actually calls several times a day if he can. We both have webcams this time, and we’ve both got Skype set up, so we can actually see each other while we talk. It’s been nice. I hope he can still do that overseas.
Nana seems to be doing really well with the training. I’m trying to get a longer time on “Watch Me.” I think I may be using the same cue for “Watch Me” and non-verbal “Sit,” but I’m also not sure it matters as much. I’ll need to remember to ask the trainer.
Well, I’m falling asleep while typing. Plus, this much typing sort of hurts my fingers. Have a good night. See you in the morning.