On the way to Branson

I love this time of year. I love the explosion of colors in the trees, so the trip through NW Arkansas was wonderful for me. Please remember that I’m snapping pictures through the window of a moving vehicle.

I would love to be able to Photoshop this. “Look mom! A Pegasus!”
The start of the Ozark mountains.

And this is one of my dad’s favorite spots. It’s a little curve in the road, with this little barn. For some reason, he loves this spot. I was so thankful that I was able to get such a clear picture for him.
And… I had to add this fun little picture. This is where we ate dinner in Branson. We left Louisiana and ate at a Cajun restaurant. LOL

And that was the trip to Branson. 🙂

One thought on “On the way to Branson

  1. Hi Melinda,

    I just was going through catching up on your blog and noticed the pictures from Arkansas. I have to tell you that the barn that you were talking about is also one of my favorite spots. We drive that road going from our house to my parents sometimes. I absolutely love that spot. You are coming through the mountains and come around that curve and there it is… this beautiful vast open field with the most perfect barn. Barry sometimes drives by and then turns around and goes back so I can see it again. I know it sounds silly, but I do love that spot. Then, when you are just past it, you see the sign that says to turn left to go to the city of “Snowball”. Love it! It makes me smile and someone else loves it too. Anyway, just some ramblings from an old friend.

    Megan “McCorkle” Watts


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