Bossier City, LA

Okay, so the trip between Little Rock, AR, and Bossier City, LA, is one of the most B-O-R-I-N-G drives ever. Lots of trees, lots of road……

So, can anyone tell me in what town we passed through? A little hint… It’s the birthplace of a president. 😀
See? Told you it was a boring drive.
Sometimes, this sign is a beautiful sight. *sigh* Only one more hour left. One more boring long hour of driving.
Okay, funny story here. See the cow in this picture?
That cow is NOT real. It’s a big cut out. For years… literally years, every time we drove by this, I would say, “hey, look at the cow!” And every time, Dale would laugh at me, because it isn’t real. LOL

Okay, this picture is of my MIL’s apartment. I was trying to tell someone the other day how extravagant her apartment is. Her apartment is the second floor under the gold dome.
This is a new object in the area. This church built a cross. If a building or tower is something like 300 feet tall, it’s required to have a light on top. This cross? It’s 299 feet tall.
You know how some places are just so ingrained in your brain as being “home?” Believe it or not, Barksdale Air Force Base is one of those places. This sign has memories.
You can see this water tower from miles around. It’s BAFB, and it’s part of “home.”
And this water tower is “home” as well. I can’t explain it, but these sights mean so much.
Okay, another funny story. One night when Dale and I were visiting his family, when we were still dating, he asked me if I wanted to go out for a ride and see the stars. I loved it and was ready to go.
He took me out to Bayou Bodcau Reservoir and Dam. We’re driving in the dark. The first thing I noticed that this “Dam” has no guard rails along the side of the road. Now, I don’t know where you are from, but in Arkansas, you have guard rails along just about every side of every road. This scared me. All I could think was, “It’s dark, there’s no guard rails, I can’t even see the water. If we go off the side of the road, they won’t know where we are and won’t be able to find us.”
So, if you can remember that I’m already terrified because of the dark and the lack of guard rails, you can understand that when I see a sign that says “dip ahead” and then seeing the next picture, I was understandably concerned when Dale would NOT slow down. I was even pushing “my” brake to get him to slow down. (lol)
Keep in mind, the lines and the reflectors aren’t reflecting at a certain point. To a certain, terrified young lady, it LOOKED like the road ENDED! I was so scared.
But, the upside to this picture… it doesn’t end. It just has a semi-steep drop of a hill. After I screamed at him to stop, we parked and watched the stars for about a half an hour.
To this day, we still talk about “the dip.” It’s one of the best memories of our dating life.
Okay, that’s all the pictures I took of the Bossier City area. Next up… family. 😀