How did that happen?

It’s my hair. I’ve had it for 34 years now. So how come I’m surprised every time I look in the mirror at how much white is in that hair? It seems like there’s more and more white every time I look at it.

And while we’re on the topic of getting older (not a random jump, I promise), Sweet Pea went to the dentist today. Not only does she only have 2 baby teeth left, the dentist said she’s going to need braces. BRACES! My baby, my firstborn baby is growing up. Not to mention that she’s shot up in height this summer.
(Actually, he pretty much said that both of them will need braces, but since Sweet Pea is oldest, she’ll be going first. Little Bit doesn’t have any spaces in between her baby teeth.)
For the first time in my life, I’m comfortable with my age. I feel good about who I am and how my life is going right now, but I am NOT comfortable with my children growing up. I want to catch this moment and hold onto it forever.

2 thoughts on “How did that happen?

  1. Yep it does sneak up on us, the white in our hair, and the braces on the teeth…but it is all in the plan. You can do it, just keep on doing as you are doing and it will be fine! Have a wonderful week!


  2. It's hard to see your kiddos grow up…and they begin making more of their own decisions…but then the time comes when they marry and have babies of their own…and you can snuggle and love on those grandbabies! Our little M(4) is soooo much like J…in looks, mannerisms, personality…and I have to remind myself at times that he's NOT J!


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