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I would like to apologize in advance for the picture heavy post. I try not to do this very often, but I’m kind of in a quandary. Like I said in my previous post, I’ve been working at the Farmer’s Market for a good month and a half on the weekends. I’ve been taking pictures of all the wonderful produce there.
I got a lot of good ones this weekend. My problem comes when trying to decide which ones are “the best” and worthy of putting onto the notecards in order to try and sell them. If you would, please leave me a comment that says which one you like the most and why.
I love all of them for different reasons.
These squash were HUGE, and such interesting shapes.

I like the crisp white contrasted with the red basket.
And I love the shiny bright purple of these eggplant.
These sunflowers were gorgeous.
I love the play of the yellow sunflowers versus the blue morning. Believe it or not, this is more or less straight out of the camera. I did not tweak the colors at all.
Different angle.
Not as bright, but I liked the grouping of three.
I felt like I had to get a watermelon picture that mirrors one I took of cantaloupe several weeks ago.
They are stacked in a pyramid form, and they are so big and delicious looking.
This peaches photo mirrors one I took of tomatoes a few weeks ago.
Okay, this is one of the very first times I was able to get my camera to focus so completely on the object in the foreground and blur the background. I love how sharp these peppers came out.
But I can’t decide if I like this one better, because you can see more of the yellow and green peppers on each side of the red.

This seems like it would make a good fall notecard.
So, after the sun was fully up, I went back to the sunflowers.
They were SO bright.

And I tried a different melon picture.
Same melons, but from a different angle, trying to utilize the sun better.
And I just love this one. I love the blue sky, the green melons. It’s fabulous, I think.
I had to crop a shadow out of this one, but it’s still not a bad photo.
More peppers, but it’s a brighter picture.
I don’t know why, but these cherry tomatoes seemed to beg for a picture. They are so round and juicy looking. They seemed like they might be perfect.
Just a different angle.
And green beans. This vendor pours his beans out on the table. It seemed like a good picture.
Last but not least, I had to take a picture of this couple. They were so sweet, holding hands through the market. It was easy to see they love each other. (Obviously, I wouldn’t put this picture on a notecard, but I wanted to share it with you.)
Well, that’s my weekend at the market. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Be sure and let me know which one you like the best.


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  1. I like the 2nd sunflower picture…it was balanced…focused on the one flower with others in the background against the blue sky. I'm not much of one for note cards with produce, but others will probably have a different opinion. Hope you come up with some good picts to use!


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