Blog Post by Word

I am attempting to write my next blog post using Word 2010. I’m not usually one who likes to update all of my software and go for the newest and best. But I must say, after several months of using both Windows 7 and Office 2010, I really like some of these changes.

Hmm, what else shall I say? Shall I talk of the frustrations I have with Sweet Pea and her school work? Should I talk of how much work I’ve been doing in the church’s media room? Should I talk of how the pantry’s clientele has dropped from 15 families to 5 families for a month? And all for the want of a Bible class. I don’t know.

One of my new favorite shows is “Chasing Mummies” on the History Channel. It follows Dr. Zahi Hawass, one of the world’s premiere archeologists, specifically with Egyptian archeology. If you get the chance, you really should watch it.

Well, I need to go. Today is National Waffle Day, and Dale thinks we should have waffles for dinner. This means I need to go make the batter. I wonder if he would be interested in bacon bits and cheese in his waffle. Hmm…



P.S. FYI, I wasn’t able to publish with Word today, for the simple fact that I can’t remember my password. LOL Maybe tomorrow. 😀