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So, I sat there in my bed last night thinking about my blog voice. It seems to me that I’m talking to a friend. One that maybe I haven’t seen in a long time and one who might think they know me pretty well, but maybe doesn’t. This isn’t really a journal (I wouldn’t put that online). It’s more of a conversation of sorts. Or the ramblings of my crazy mind, but according to my husband, that’s pretty much the same thing. LOL

Just so you know, that’s the reason I can’t seem to settle on the “perfect” background yet. I haven’t found the one picture that really describes me as I am today. I love learning about Egypt, I love reading, I love taking pictures, I have been known to quilt and paint and crochet, I’m a homeschool mom of 2, a loving daughter, and a Christ follower. Trying to find the one background that encompasses all of that and yet isn’t too busy or distracting or makes the type hard to read is actually somewhat difficult. Don’t be surprised to see my backgrounds change. 😀


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  1. This made me laugh…especially looking back at my life. I love to travel…hubby doesn't…so, we've done very little traveling, but I'm thankful for what I did b/4 I married and for what J and K have been able to do through the years. I love to read, but through the years that got pushed aside for the things that HAD to be done…now, I do have a little more time for that. I have always loved taking pictures…was given a camera for my 6th birthday…gardening, freezing, canning, sewing, quilting, painting, crocheting, cake decorating, teaching teen-aged girls, trying to be sure whatever I do comes under the umbrella of following Jesus Christ. Most moms get caught with more interests than time to do it, so we pick out what is more important at the time. For a while I settled on the gardening (that took care of most of our veggies for the year), photography (to document what was happening) and cake decorating (to bring in income)…now, I have more time to sew for these granddaughters and am trying to make a better space here at the house for that. Life is like a patchwork quilt…some of the blocks are happy and fun…sometimes a dark block enters the stack, and we deal with it, too.

    Looking forward to seeing your backgrounds change! Love, DB


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