Trying again

I want to continue to write, but I honestly feel swamped with my time. Over the next few days (weeks), I’m going to be trying to reorganize and re evaluate my priorities.

I guess my question is, for the 10 or so of you that “read” my blog, what do you want to see? Are you my quilting friends that I’ve had for years now, or are you my new homeschooling friends? Do you believe in God? Do you go to church regularly? How about photography? Or Egyptology? Or exercise?
I’m at such a crossroads in my life, that in trying to identify my “voice” on this blog is going to take a bit. It will help me to know what my “readers” want to read.
Anyway… maybe I’m just a rambler. Maybe I’m just rambling in the wind, and the wind is going to take my mind wherever it wants. Who knows what kind of posts I can come up with? Will you stick by me even if I seem totally random?
Goals for me and my blog (and my website and my exercise routine and our homeschooling efforts and housecleaning and flossing and etc………):
  • Develop the habit of writing every day or week.
  • Develop the habit of finding posts to write about it.
  • Stick with it.
Okay, I think that’s enough for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to focus myself and be more efficient. Now, to go find that shower…..

2 thoughts on “Trying again

  1. Melinda, I don't know how I happened on to your blog…but I read to keep up with your sweet family and what you are doing. I have loved reading about your quilting and your activities with your girls…and now your home schooling efforts. Hang in there…Little Bit may not be quite ready to “sit still”…lots of learning takes place in other ways. K was 9th grade when we realized he is an audio learner, and it drove teachers bonkers who wanted him to take notes, b/c that was a distraction for him. Enjoy your family…follow your instincts about the “right” thing for you. Love you, DB


  2. Thank you. Did you read my latest post? We're going to send her to preschool and homeschool at the same time. Preschool is just 2 mornings a week. I really think it will help.

    Love you too. 😀


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