Worn Out

I am absolutely worn out. Between starting school (yes, we started “early”), VBS prep, and VBS itself, not to mention all the pantry stuff I’ve got going on, and oh, did I mention my dad’s been in the hospital again?… I’m worn out … I told Dale earlier, it’s not even necessarily a physical exhaustion as much as a mental exhaustion.

We’re trying to find a way to take a vacation. Or a stay-cation. Or even just get out of town for the weekend. We’re also trying to find a low cost way of doing that. LOL. So far, it looks like we may be going camping this weekend. I don’t know. I hope it isn’t blazing hot still.
And yes, we started early. I’m hoping to go for year round school, eventually, but taking a month off was what we needed this year. There’s a plethora of reasons for it, and if you’re interested, I’ll list them, but for now, just understand, that’s what we chose to do.
Okay, I’m off. I’m going to go read my book for as long as I can, before I go to the library and get my books that are on hold.