Caffeine Withdrawal

I’ve been trying to make strides towards being healthier. A big step for me is to stop drinking sodas. About a month ago, I stopped drinking Coca-Cola and started drinking Diet Dr. Pepper. For me, it’s the one diet drink that is the closest to the real thing. So, I’ve been drinking this for about a month, now right? Sunday, I had my very last can.

At least I thought I did. The horrible horrible caffeine withdrawal headache convinced me I needed to not go cold turkey. I had 2 sodas today. Needless to say, it’s 9:30, and I’m wired. ((O_O))
But I will be trying to wean myself slowly off of Diet Dr. Pepper. Please pray for me while I go through this.

2 thoughts on “Caffeine Withdrawal

  1. Good for you for quit drinking the soda (it's POP here!). I gave them (and coffee) up about a year ago and my stomach really thanks me for it.
    Take a tylenol with a big glass of water, or an Excedrin Migraine works for me. Just hang in there as it'll take about 3 days for it to get out of your system.
    Your stomach will thank you!


  2. I'm trying. I can already feel the headache. I'm trying to hang on until 10:00 am, but it's difficult. If I can whittle it down to one can a day for a couple of weeks, then I might can go cold turkey after that.

    Caffeine is an addiction. Maybe not as powerful as illegal drugs, but it is still an addiction.


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