We’re starting school today. I am both more confident than last year and less confident. This year we are using Switched on Schoolhouse for Sweet Pea (more confident). This year, Little Bit is starting school. I have to try to teach her to read (less confident).

Our reasons for homeschooling stay strong. I don’t agree with the public school system, with their curriculum, with their discipline policies, with the lack of music and art. And I want my children to learn more about God, more about how to live with God in their day to day lives. They won’t get that in public school. They will only get that from Dale and I.
So, today we start our homeschool adventure — year 2. Pray for us.

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  1. No offense, but I thought I explained that. My oldest is 11. She's using a computer curriculum, and it's actually easier to teach her. My youngest is 5. We are starting from the beginning with her, which means I have to teach her how to read, how to write, how to do math. It's sort of overwhelming and frightening.


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