Saturday Farmers Market

Just a few pictures from the Farmers Market on Saturday. They are actually posted back to front. The last pictures were taken first thing in the morning. The sun was beautiful coming up.
This is from the booth next to me. She does wire wrapped jewelry. This is just two of her rings, but she also has pendants, earrings, and wine glass charms.

Carrots from the stand closest to me.
Beautiful onions.
Really pretty in the morning sun.
Yummy yummy fresh corn.
I may have to change this picture, because the tomatoes were SO red. I was trying for a more vintage feel, but it just looks like the tomatoes are …… bland.
This is the beautiful color of the tomatoes. 😀 Aren’t they pretty?
Hmm… again, I may need to fix this one.
These potatoes were so yummy looking that I had to purchase some. 😀 I can’t wait to eat them.
More carrots. This picture was closer to 6 rather than 8 like the previous picture. Pretty pretty.
First picture of the day. ’round 5:45 – crunchy yummyness waiting for me to devour. :p
Well, that’s sort of my day at the local Farmer’s Market. I hope to be able to print some of these off and use them on the note cards. Maybe the farmers would buy them?


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