Okay, apparently I forgot to write Friday AND Saturday. But that’s okay, because I’m really only doing this for me.

I’ve been selling my daddy’s cards at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Well…. this past Saturday was only my second time up there. I made enough to cover rent this week and hopefully next week. It’s hot, and I don’t have a tent. But it’s also interesting. If you’re a people watcher, it’s THE spot to be.
Speaking of pictures, I took some of the local produce. Except I haven’t downloaded them yet.
(To follow my “illogical” line of thinking there, I was thinking that I should try to get some pictures of the interesting people I see. Then I was thinking of the pictures I did take. Dale says I randomly jump from topic to topic, but I didn’t do that this time.)
Anyway, I’m off to download pictures. See you tomorrow. 😀