Little Bit, Disobedience, and Consequences

Oh my. I have to write this down before I forget it. We’ve been having some “character” issues this past week, mainly in the area of disobedience, and mainly with Little Bit.
Tonight, I sent them outside to play. I told Little Bit to stay out of the dirt (because it had rained this morning), and told both of them to stay where I could see them. I literally walked from the front door to the kitchen and back and realized I couldn’t see either of them. They had gone over to the neighbor’s house and were getting the neighbor kids to come out and play.
I explained to them that this wasn’t okay and that we would be talking about it later tonight.
Half an hour later, Little Bit came in and needed to wash her hands.
Fast forward to after dinner. We’re sitting there, starting a discussion about this. Dale tells the story about “someone” disobeying Mommy, and then asks, “who has a problem with this?” I raise my hand, Dale raises his hand, Sweet Pea raises her hand and hides her face. Little Bit doesn’t. And when Dale asks her if she has a problem with this, she says, “that’s right. No.”
He sent her out of the room, while we dealt with Sweet Pea’s consequences. (Don’t worry. It’s Bible study and extra chores and a consequence of her choice.)
So then Little Bit comes back in. We’re talking to her about disobeying and how that was wrong, and then we ask, “what should your consequence be?” First she says, “A spanking,” but I said I didn’t want to spank her. Then she says, “Forgive me and love me.”
ROFLOL — I admit it here and now. This is one of those times you DON’T want to laugh. Discipline just flies out the window when you do that. And guess what I did? I couldn’t help it. It was adorable.
So we all chuckled. Then Dale asks her to choose her consequence. She says, “A timeout.” OH MY WORD! I had to leave the room. LOL
Anyway…. Really cute, really funny. My five year old cracks me up. My friend who said that I should have made her middle name Joy was right. 🙂