Science Lesson

So we made ice cream at Discovery Club on Wednesday. (LOL — I almost said “snow” ice cream. That would have been really spectacular!) And I started thinking about ALL the science involved with making ice cream.
Particularly with rock salt, ice, and freezing temperatures.
The following pictures are of our science experiment today.
Picture one is a bowl full of plain ice. Right at 2 degrees Celsius.

Picture two is a bowl full of ice sprinkled with kosher salt. It’s a bit coarser than table salt, but
could be used in place of table salt.

The thermometer is right around -6 below Celsius.
The last picture is my favorite. Picture #3 is a bowl full of ice sprinkled with rock salt.

The thermometer measured -14 degrees below Celsius. WOW! What a difference.
I love Science, and I’m learning to love homeschooling. Finding those everyday opportunities to teach my children just one more part of God’s great big beautiful exciting world is what makes it fun for me. Some days, I think I may be getting more out of it than they are. But I rest assured in the fact that their time will come. Then they will be the excited teacher. And then they will understand.
Until then, I’ll have fun. 😀
P.S. Discovery Club is more or less “story time” at the library, but for all ages of homeschool kids, and more class oriented rather than a story.