First Daily Blog

Okay, so I’ve sat here and wasted half the day and just now realized I haven’t made good on my commitment to blog once a day. In all honesty, it’s not my fault. lol

The Old Schoolhouse magazine is offering a fantastic deal today and today only. I’m renewing my subscription for 2 years and I get a free tote bag and 5 free e-books, for just $17.76. Considering this is one of the thickest magazines I’ve ever seen, and that I get so much information on homeschooling from each issue, I couldn’t resist.
And there comes the problem. I get 5 e-books. One of the books was broken up into 8 segments. You click download which opens the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. Then you click save to computer once the file has opened. I now have 10 of the twelve parts of my e-books. These two books just will not open in Adobe Acrobat. Or if they open, they won’t save to my computer. I have worked all morning trying to get these two books saved to my computer, to no avail.
Ah well…. I guess I’ll wait and hope tomorrow is a better computer day.
So here’s a fun question for everyone. Who do you think is a great actor? Not just your favorite actor, but the one that can lose himself in any role. My personal pick is Gary Oldham. He’s been so many characters that you don’t even realize it’s him until after you see the credits roll. What’s your pick?
Until tomorrow.